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Volume 1(2015) –

Cover Picture: Pilot microarray screen detects extracellular microRNAs in medulloblastoma: Quantitative Venn diagram illustrating the expression spectrum of miRNAs in medulloblastoma (MB) cell lines, in corresponding culture media and in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). a) 1,347 common miRNAs are detected in the lysates of three cell lines. In the cell-free conditioned media oft the same cell lines, 1083 common miRNAs are detected. 950 miRNAs are detected in both the cellular end extracellular pools. b) 156 miRNAs are enriched in the conditioned media of the three cell lines (Fold change > 2), with 57 miRNAs enriched both in the D283 and D341 conditioned media but not in that of DAOY cells. c) 86 miRNAs are detected in the CSF sample of an MB patient (TB0011_MB), but not the CSF of two leukemia patients with no brain tumor (TB0021_CTR1 and TB0012_CTR2).
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